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The courses listed below build up on the skills the students acquired through their secondary education, in the workplace or through various types of international exposure. They focus on skills that are relevant for professional life as well as for internationalizing the students' academic education. Most courses are offered in several parallel sections so as to cater for the students' individual needs and preferences.

Please consult our departmental websites for further details. or contact Jens Andreas Faulstich for any other information you may need.

Enjoy the language components of your studies!

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Degree Course    Module/URLModule Title 
B.A. (PO 2020) B14Cross-functional Skills / Comprehensive Qualifications
B.A. (PO 2020) B25.1International Competence: Business & Communication (BE2, IBS, ICC, TOEFL)
B.A. (PO 2020) B25.2International Competence: Language & Business Culture (BE2,BE3,ICC,TOEFL)
B.A. (PO 2020) B25.3International Competence: Languages (BE2, BE3, TOEFL, WS1)
B.A. (PO 2020) B25.4International Competence: Working Internationally  (BE2, IBS, IntEx, ICC)
B.A. (PO 2020) B25.5International Competence: Asia (KultSOA, IS1, IS2, IntEx)
B.A. (PO 2020) B25.6International Competence: Europe (EurS, BE2, WS1, WS2)
 Degree CourseCourse / URLCourse Title 
 BA (PO 2010/2012) Business English - Preparatory Course 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B142Business English I 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B253Business English II 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B254Business English III 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B260European Studies 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B261Intercultural Communication 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B262International business simulation 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B258International Studies I 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B259International Studies II 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B263TOEFL Preparation Course 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B255Business Spanish I. 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B256Business Spanish II 
 BA (PO 2010/2012)B257Business Spanish - Advanced Course in Business Communication 


MAB07bAdvanced International Studies 
 MAB07bStrategic Business Communication 
 MBAB06Business English I - Presentations 
 MBAB06Business English II - Meetings and Negotiations 

Faculty of Mathematics and Technology

 Degree CourseModule / web linkCourse Title 
 B.Sc.LanguagesEnglish I 
 B.Sc.LanguagesEnglish II 
 B.Sc.Advanced Professional EnglishEnglish III 
 B.Sc.Advanced Professional EnglishTOEFL Preparation Course

German as a Foreign Language

A range of courses in German as a Foreign Language is available for students of all faculties / degree programmes. Please note that degree-seeking students must document their proficiency in German by passing one of the accepted language tests in order to apply for a place at RheinAhrCampus Remagen.

RheinMoselCampus Koblenz

Students from RheinAhrCampus are also welcome to take part in language courses offered at RheinMoselCampus if capacities permit. Please contact the coordinator, Ms Ellen Rana, about the details you need.