MCD 2022 - Seminar Description

“Learning from Asia: Spirituality and Business”

25 - 27 November 2022


This seminar allows students and colleagues to put into practice their intercultural knowledge with students and lecturers from different cultures, nationalities, and countries and to continue this practice in their everyday lives. Students and lecturers acquire the ability to find cooperative and friendly responses to intercultural challenges. This seminar assists in improving participants’ empathy, tolerance, and cultural intelligence, and accounts for significant personal change. By promoting cultural awareness in education, students are able to understand and improve their problem-solving skills, work productivity, and acquire better cross-culture understanding.


This year’s intercultural topic for the workshops will be:


“Learning from Asia: Spirituality and Business”


The Managing Cultural Diversity seminar allows students and colleagues to experience personal growth, enhancement of social and intercultural competences, increased cooperation, and improvement in the quality of work produced. The topic of this event is Sustainable Innovation and its impact on personal and professional interactions. Additionally, this seminar will assist students and colleagues in the progression of their international careers.

Teaching Methods

The teaching method during this seminar motivates interaction between international students and colleagues. The language of instruction is English. Theory and practice are interlaced as students take an active part in role-plays and discussions.


Please register with Selsela Arya arya(at) and send your CV and a motivation letter about why you would like to participate in this year's Managing Cultural Diversity Seminar. Your participation in all three days of the seminar is mandatory, please also confirm your availability for all three days of the seminar 25 - 27 November 2022 with Selsela Arya.

Register by

latest 10th November 2022 (number of participants is limited)

RheinAhrCampus Students

Please register with Selsela Arya at Sprachen/Internationales (Room A014) or: arya(at)

Koblenz Students

Please register via email to Selsela Arya: arya(at) (number of participants is limited)