Veggie Day at RheinAhrCampus

GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus is gathering international students to spend a Veggie Day together!

Have you ever thought that occasionally switching meat for vegetables, or replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives, can make a significant difference in your life?

Working towards bettering the environment is one of the goals of GreenErasmus and by taking part in veggie days offered by mensa, we are able to reduce our consumption of meat. Improving the students' experience in sustainable development is a core initiative for the GreenErasmus project this year.

GreenErasmus has planned three veggie lunches in Mensa. International students from various countries, their buddies, and language tandem partners will be invited to join us. By having veggie lunch together, we will promote a green lifestyle (especially among students) that helps conserve energy, prevent air and water pollution, and prevent human health from deteriorating.

Furthermore, we will encourage others to have a complete veggie day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and during our meal and have the opportunity to exchange recipe ideas.

Imagine how many kilograms of CO2 can we spare together with our Veggie Day action!

Haritha from India shares: “It is a smart idea to help reduce carbon emissions by eating vegetarian at least once a week. If only more people engage in such responsible activities worldwide, we would be living in a greener place. It was also fun eating with the internationals and sharing their country’s famous vegetarian recipes.”