Excursion to Market Garden Kukurudza - Bonn

The students' visit to Market Garden Kukurudza was a highly educational experience focused on the principles of sustainable farming and permaculturegardening. Overall, the objectives of the visit to Market Garden Kukurudza were:

  • enlightening and educating students about the complexities of modern farming
  • fostering an understanding of the significance of conscious food production and its role in building a more sustainable and eco-friendly future
  • raising environmental awareness among Erasmus students

During their time at the farm, the students actively participated in harvesting regional vegetables, providing them with a direct understanding of the efforts required to produce fresh and nutritious food. Through this hands-on opportunity, they gained comprehensive knowledge about vegetable cultivation, proper care practices, and the intricate workings of a successful agricultural establishment.

Through their engagement with the farmers and knowledgeable guides, the students expanded their horizons in the realm of farming and gardening. The experience not only equipped them with practical skills but also instilled in them a deeper appreciation for sustainable agricultural practices and their positive impact on the environment.

Erasmus student Vasiliki Tsapali from Greece shares her experience :“I was completely blown away by the way the vegetables were grown and cared for at Kukuruzda. I was impressed by the concept of crop rotation and companion planting. It's amazing how these simple practices can have such a positive impact on your garden and on yourself having that feeling of accomplishment. The emphasis on sustainability and organic farming at Kukuruzda left a lasting impression on me.”