World Clean Up Day together with the Biological Station Bonn

GreenErasmus-RheinAhrCampus explores the eco-friendly projects in the region!

The first excursion of the semester has taken place, can you guess where our students went?

Research Associate Natalia Obikhod invited the international students with her to Bonn to participate in the Worl Clean Up Day alongside the river. Students were given buckets, gloves, and bags to walk and make Bonn’s green spaces more beautiful. After the clean-up, the students walked around the city and enjoyed a nice lunch at a local Italian restaurant.

Haritha Prakash from India shares: “Work unites people, as I have always believed. I had enough time to get along with and get to know the other exchange students by taking part in this Green Erasmus excursion.”

This first excursion was full of fun, laughs, and rain jackets. Hopefully, if the students had this much fun, you can also participate in the next city clean-up happening near you!