International Programs Visiting Lecturers at RheinAhrCampus

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Internationalisation is one of the pillars of our view of academic education. Therefore we are always glad to welcome visiting lecturers to our institution. Please contact our departmental coordinators for international relations if you are planning to visit us.

In the Faculty of Business and Social Management, the coordinators are

In the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology, the coordinators are

We will then try to match your ideas on what you can offer with our institutional framework to ensure that you will spend a rewarding time at our campus. 

In terms of accomodation and travel, please contact our Team Languages/International Affairs for support concerning appropriate arrangements.

You may wish to apply for funding?
The most important resources are:

1. ERASMUS+ (European Union plus partner countries)
Applications in July/August for the following academic year

2. DAAD Funding for Visiting Lecturers
Funding for long-term teaching staff visits (one to four semesters)

15 January - for visits during the winter semester of the respective year
15 July - for visits during the summer semester of the following year

3. University Funding
In some cases our institutions may pay a contribution towards the accomodation expenses. Early application is advisable. For practical reasons, direct payments to the hotel are more feasible than money transfer to foreign accounts.