International Programs International Projects and Events

Project Overview

International projects involving partner universities and other institutions form an integral part of our activities. mehr

Summer School Program

A highly successful Summer School Program enables students and faculty to engage in transatlantic exchange and explore US culture. mehr

Summer School Caucasus

A highly successful Summer School Program off the beaten track enables students and faculty to engage in international exchange and explore the Caucasus Region. mehr

Jean Monnet Program

Europe may seem so far away - but this program enables students to develop a sense of European citizenship while exploring diverse aspects of European integration. mehr

International Week

International Weeks are held to celebrate the international orientation of this university, to enhance our culture of intercultural cooperation and to provide information to students and faculty alike. mehr

Managing Cultural Diversity

In multinational seminar environments, students learn about cultural diversity and how it affects encounters in personal or professional situations. They learn how to apply theoretical communication models to international professional encounters. mehr

Use your opportunities!

A wide range of projects and events is offered on campus. Their goals range from contributing to an international academic environment to providing information about the opportunities offered at this university and encouraging students to make use of their international options.

Students and employees of all faculties and institutes at Hochschule Koblenz are welcome to get involved and internationalise their academic experience.

If you would like to know more, please make an appointment with Dr. Laurent Borgmann, Andreas Faulstich or Barbara Neukirchen.