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The degree programmes offered in the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology are not part of the standard repertoire of German universities of applied sciences. However, they provide the answer to the demands voiced by industry and commerce. They qualify graduates for modern, future-oriented professions at the intersections of various traditional fields of work.

Three engineering programmes and two mathematics programmes at B.Sc. level lay the foundations for a successful professional life - or for the successful completion of one of our M.Sc. programmes - which can form a solid basis for PhD projects at research universities. The integration of cooperation projects with companies ensure a strong practical orientation - and the accreditation through the AQAS agency ensures internationally recognised quality standards.

The common ground between all of those disciplines and the strong interrelations between the subject areas covered have helped all of these programmes to grow into a strong unity. Thus, the students of different specialisations are taught together in some of the core courses which lay the foundations for the more advanced modules.

Mathematical areas such as image processing can be applied to tasks from the field of medical imaging - and thus to engineering tasks.

However, the intersections of research interests also provide connections to the degree programmes of the Faculty of Business and Social Management. Business Mathematics and Logistics, Sports-Medical Engineering and Sports Management are only some out of many fields which have led to intensive interdisciplinary cooperation on campus.

The strong practical orientation of the programmes and the modern study contents have created a situation where many students are recruited by renowned companies even before the completion of their studies.