Arbeitsgruppe am Tisch

Business and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences offers B.A. programmes in Business Administration with various specialisations, consecutive M.A. full-time programmes in Business Administration and various part-time programmes. These include a highly successful MBA programme with specialisations such as Leisure and Tourism Management, Health and Social Services Management, Logistics Management, Marketing, Production Management, crisis and insolvency management; another unique part-time programme is our B.A. programme in "Educational and Social Management in Early Childhood".

Future students are welcome to to arrange a meeting with our student counsellors in order to find out about their academic interests- a completely voluntary self-assessment service which is extremely helpful in choosing the right degree course and the right specialisation.

With third-party acquisitions of EUR 21,000 p.a. per professor, the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences ranks among the TOP 10 German universities of applied sciences. Quality management is an integral part of the departmental culture.