Lara in London, England

Hello from the capital of England,

I've been doing my semester abroad at London South Bank University in England since September.

Since day one I had been in love with the culture, the flair and above all the architecture of London and immediately felt at home. I am currently living in the dormitory and sharing an apartment with three other internationals. Since clubs, events, etc. are unfortunately closed, the dormitory made it possible for me to meet a lot of new people who made the time unforgettable!

Due to the current Corona situation, 90% of the course was completed via online lectures, but there were also seminars on site. The range of courses is very broad and there is something for everyone. In contrast to Germany, 50% of the modules are taught from lectures and 50% from seminars. It is very important that the seminars consist of a maximum of 15 students.

Despite the Corona situation, I had an unforgettable semester abroad and would want to go back to London at any time! J