IT Centre

IT Centre

The services of the RheinAhrCampus IT Centre are available to students and staff of the university.

In several computer labs, the students have access to computers, printers and scanners. All personal computers are equipped with the latest software and access to the web is free. All students receive a personal email account on enrolment.

The service centre in room B117 provides an accessible contact point for students and staff. Any user support issues will either be solved - or users will be directed to the person in charge.

Newly enrolled students should familiarise themselves with the digital communication platform myStudy as quickly as possible. This platform is used by most RAC lecturers to make downloadable learning materials and other information resources available to students. At the same time, myStudy has a blackboard / mail function which is often used to communicate important study-related information to students. Nowadays, myStudy is more widely used than traditional departmental noticeboards as access from home is easy and convenient for students.

The continuing quality of the service is guaranteed by the support of IT-specialists who run several courses on the use of the most important software each semester.The support team also aims to provide assistance concerning all problems around the fields of information and communication technology.

The IT Centre team is also responsible for running and maintaining the IT and communication services operated on campus.

The RheinAhrCampus IT Centre is part of GHRKO, a regional network of university IT Centres.