The research projects of the Biomedical Optics Lab are based on physics applied to medical, biological and physiological questions. Our work encompasses all steps for the development of medical instrumentation,

  • from ideas, based on physics and optics, and especially on spectroscopy,
  • design of lab prototypes, including optics, electronics and software,
  • first tests in hospitals or lab environment,
  • clinical and physiological evaluation,
  • co-registration with other methods like MRI, ultrasound etc.
  • a commercial instrument is the spin-off, if things work out.

Current projects are focussing on brain, muscle and skin monitoring and imaging, with applications ranging from neuroscience to clinical monitoring during e.g. stroke or heart surgery and muscle monitoring during sports. The projects are carried out in collaboration with clinicians, physiologists or sports and exercise scientists, and with industrial partners. Eventual we hope to contribute both to pure science and the human health and wellbeing. 

  • Introduction to Tissue Optics

    Introduction to Tissue Optics
  • Methods and Algorithms

    Methods and Algorithms
  • Instrument Development

    Instrument Development
  • NIR Spectroskopy of the Brain

    NIR Spectroskopy of the Brain
  • Imaging of the Exposed Brain

    Imaging of the Exposed Brain
  • NIR Spectroscopy of Muscle and Skin

    NIR Spectroscopy of Muscle and Skin
  • Optical Marker-Tracking in Sports

    Optical Marker-Tracking in Sports