The lab has sufficient space for all sorts of optics developments, with spectroscopic equipment from

  • different spectrometers, commercial or of own design,
  • CCD cameras, from low-cost to cooled, slow-scan,
  • light sources and detector from UV to IR, from cw to pulsed,
  • time-resolved systems (time-correlated single photon counting),
  • microscopes, etc.
  • data acquisition tools etc.

The main dedication of the lab, however, is the development of optical methods and the design and programming of new instrumentation adapted and optimized for its purpose in a clinical or physiological environment. This requires: 

Workshop of RheinAhrCampus with

  • mechanical workshop: CNC / NC tools,
  • CAD electronics workshop: simulation software, SMD facilities, microcontroller programming.

Software development based on

  • MATLAB, LabVIEW and C/C++,
  • optical ray tracing.

Resources from the other labs at RheinAhrCampus:

  • Biomechanics lab,
  • ultrasound,
  • MR imaging,
  • CT imaging,
  • spirometry