Experience Reports Prof. Dr. Yoav Wachsman (CCU) 2011

International Studies - International Economics

Dr. Yoav Wachsman is an Associate Professor of Economics at the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration at Coastal Carolina University, which is located in South Carolina, USA. Since South Carolina and Rhineland Palatinate are sister states, Coastal Carolina University developed a partnership with Fachhochschule Koblenz.

As a result of this partnership, CCU send a group of students every May to Remagen to study with the faculty and work with the students at RheinAhrCampus as part of its May Term travel abroad program. In 2011, this group was accompanied by Dr. Wachsman and Dr. Burney.

Additionally, every summer students from Remagen and other partner institutions from Germany attend a three week program at CCU where they learn about American culture, business practices and education system. Dr. Wachsman helps organize this Summer School Program.

As in the previous year, Dr. Wachsman taught two courses at RheinAhrCampus as a guest professor from May to July (second teaching term). As part of the of the International Module, he taught one course about "Global Issues and Agreements" (for second-semester students; of Business Administration; International Studies II, BPO 2010) and another course about "Globalization and the Global Financial Crisis" (for third-semester students of Business Administration; International Studies II, BPO 2006).

Both courses were taught in English and required students to write essays and make class presentations. Consequently, the students at RheinAhrCampus were able to substantially improve their oral and writing skills in English.