Experience Reports Prof. Dr. Richard Martin 2017 (Coastal Carolina University)

Production Management / Logistics and E-Business

Visiting Professsor for the first time - and still familiar with campus and region. - This is how it may feel if several international activities go hand in hand. Prof. Richard Martin accompanied groups of students from Coastal Carolina University on their Summer School visits to the Rhineland three times and familiarized himself with the Laboratory for Logistics and E-Business as well as various regional companies before he decided to join us as a visiting professor.

In Summer 2017, Prof. Martin taught two electives in the field of production management at RheinAhrCampus as a guest professor from May to July 2017 (second teaching term):

  1. Monday, 14:15-17:30 AL13 Basics of Process Optimization (B.A.), Room A 017
  2. Tuesday, 14:15 - 17:30 AL13 Quality Management (B.A.), Room D 128

The students wrote papers, dealt with project assignments and participated in discussions - and they were able to improve their communication skills in English while adding an international perspective to their studies.

Prof. Martin shared not only his theoretical knowledge - he could also draw on decades of management experience in various international positions - and this strong link between theoretical expertise and practical experience created an especially successful mix. It was therefore not at all surprising that his students were also excited about the classes he taught.

In addition, he helped us promote our ERASMUS+ exchange and the cooperation with Coastal Carolina University during our International Week and our Erasmus30 events on campus.

Thanks for joining us - and see you again some time soon!