Experience Reports Dr. Darlene Booth-Bell 2019 (Coastal Carolina University)

Board Governance and Women in the US Corporate Workforce

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences was very happy to welcome Assistant Professor Dr. Darlene Booth-Bell on campus.

Dr Booth-Bell earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University, an MPM degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D in Accounting from Aston University. Outside university, she has worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Wells Fargo in various positions.

Her Main teaching interests are

  • Fundamental Accounting Principles
  • Audit
  • Cost Accounting.

Her main research interests include

  • Corporate Goverance and Board Diversity Goverance Theories
  • The Role of Social Capital in the Attainment of Director Positions. 

Please consult her CCU faculty profile for more details.

In Summer 2019, Prof. Dr. Booth-Bell taught two electives in the fields of Board Governance and Women and the US Corporate Workforce at RheinAhrCampus for our graduate students (second teaching term):

  1. B07a Women and the US Corporate Workforce (M.A.), Tues, 8:15-11:30 (Room D019)
  2. B07b International Study Skills: Board Governance (M.A.), Mon, 14:15-17:30 (Room A129)

The students participated in discussion, engaged in project-based research activities, presented their results and wrote papers which helped them to develop their writing skills.

In addition, Prof. Booth-Bell  strengthened the relations between CCU and RheinAhrCampus by giving talks during our International Week and promoting CCU during our International Day.

Thanks for a very rewarding faculty visit!