Dual study programmes at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

What are dual study programmes?

Dual study programmes combine academic education with a vocational or practical training at a company.
As the name suggests, dual study programmes take place at two locations: in a higher education institution and in a company. The training on the job is an integral part of the study programme and closely related to the academic curriculum. Students put their theoretical knowledge into practical and acquire real-life work experience.
Most companies pay their students on dual study programmes a monthly allowance and cover their tuition fees. Unlike classic study programmes, students apply for a dual study programme directly with a company and sign a contract or agreement.

What types of dual study programmes exist?

There are different types of dual study programmes:

  • Vocational Training-integrated: This programme combines a full academic programme with a vocational training. Students obtain two qualifications: a bachelor’s degree and a vocational training certificate in a recognised occupation.
  • Practice-integrated: In this model study phases alternate practical phases in a company. Students do not take part in a vocational training, but still gain work experiences in a company and a bachelor’s degree.

What are the advantages of dual study programmes?

In Germany dual study programmes are increasingly popular, not only for students but also for companies.
Students gain valuable work experience during their academic programme and therefore enhance their career opportunities on the labour market. Many companies retain their former students as employees once they graduate, as they are familiar with the company’s operational structures and procedures – a win-win for both. Besides, companies use dual study programmes to attract young talents and to secure their future demand of qualified employees.

International Students Advisory

Helen Leahey

E-Mail: international(at)hs-koblenz.de
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Coordinator for dual study programmes

Sabine Wißkirchen

E-Mail: duales-studium(at)hs-koblenz.de
Phone: 0261 9528 950