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University Projects

International Week

This event is an information opportunity for RheinAhrCampus students who want to get international exposure and pursue their education abroad! International guest lecturers give a series of lectures on international topics, presentations on our partner universities from all over the world and information about opportunities for internships and studying abroad.

Managing Cultural Diversity

In this seminar students learn about cultural diversity and how it affects encounters in personal or professional situations. They learn how to apply intercultural communication models to international professional encounters. Students will be encouraged to find co-operative, friendly responses to intercultural challenges. At the end of the seminar students will be able to recognise, analyse, and describe these intercultural challenges and adapt their own behaviour accordingly. They will be able to describe their own cultural backgrounds and point out differences to other cultures. The participants are: Exchange students at Hochschule Koblenz, regular students from each faculty at HS Koblenz, guest lecturers from our international partner universities and external participants. The entire seminar is held in the English language. Theory and practice will be interlaced - students have to take an active part in role plays and discussions.