Visa and insurance

Visa and insurance


Students visiting from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland do not need a visa. Students from non-EU countries need a visa to study in Germany. If you need a visa, contact your local German embassy as soon as possible, as a student visa can take some months to be processed.


All students that want to study in Germany need to prove that they have the necessary funds (f.e. by opening a blocked account with a predetermined amount of money). Please enquire about the specific conditions at your local German embassy.

Furthermore, applicants have to possess valid health insurance. The German health insurance companies offer students an insurance rate of about 110 € a month.  The insurance covers all costs for basic checkups, medical treatments and hospitalizations. It also covers most of the costs for prescribed medication. A special private health insurance for international students in Germany is offered by Deutsches Studentenwerk.If you come from an EU Member State and are in possession of an EHIC-Card, you do not need an aditional German health insurance. Your insurance is recognized in Germany and will cover you while you are here. Please be sure to apply for an EHIC-Card well before your departure. Be aware that your insurance must be valid during your entire stay in Germany.

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