Emanuel Böselager at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

  • Emanuel

I’m writing to all those who are interested in spending a study abroad semester at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. I think I don’t have to point out that I have lived and studied at one of the most beautiful places of the world, where…

…people and (international) students are friendly and open-minded

…the University is modern, nice, interesting, but also challenging

…daily sight-seeing tours are an absolute must

…life sometimes seems to be like heaven on earth…

As you can see, the ‘Sunny Coast’ is the perfect place to…

…make friends

…have an exciting time

…collect tremendous personal and professional experiences which become a treasure for ever

In other words: it will be unforgettable!!!

In order that these predictions really come true for you, I provide you with some useful tips and tell you now which survival skills are needed:

People or ‘how to make friends’

  • Say G’day to others, be receptive to others
  • listen to others, break down cliques


  • Courses aren’t just a job ticket
  • choose whatever you are interested in (an on Australia focussed course is advisable)
  • educate yourself
  • sign in for the Internship program
  • discipline yourself, at least three days a week despite the temptations on site
  • sleep at night, not at class

Influence lecturers

  • Attend classes, participate in classes
  • Have an opinion, provide feedback


  • Make use of the great facilities on site (tennis, table tennis, swimming pool, pool billiard, barbeques,…)
  • Do not miss the orientation week, it’s great in terms of socializing
  • You will share your apartment with three other students: talk, talk, talk
  • Search for conversation/social contact without prejudices
  • Be aware of the fact that living with younger Americans and Aussies can be exhausting…!
  • Woolworth is the cheapest shopping centre

Free time

  • Go to the nice and numerous beaches (Attention: SUNBURN) and learn how to surf
  • Explore the whole area (by car or bike or bus), nature, lakes, rainforests, etc.
  • Go to cinema and watch movies, it’s cheaper and even more fun watching them in English
  • Easter Break: Visit New Zealand!!!

General tips

  • A car is useful, perhaps you can buy one and share it with others; but be careful: the car dealer business is even more dangerous and liberal than in Germany.
  • International Drivers Licence
  • Your visa is valid for only 4 weeks after the end of the semester (no day longer!!), so plan your holidays for those 4 weeks well in advance
  • Ask your bank in Germany if they have partner institutes in Australia (makes life easier and is cheaper)…

This list could be never ending, but finally I have to say: “NO WORRIES” – you will manage all these things like I did – HAVE FUN DOWN UNDER! Cheers!