05.06 bis 06.06.2023
Joseph-Rovan-Allee 2
53424 Remagen
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Workshop on Nonparametric Methods (AG Nichtparametrische Methoden)

Workshop on ,,Nonparametric procedures for medical multisample comparison studies‘‘ of the DR-IBS working group

Day 1 - 05.06.2023

12:20 Markus and Markus Welcome
12:30 Maria Thruow How to Simulate Realistic Survival Data? A Simulation Study to Compare Realistic Simulation Models
13:00 Paul Blanche Empirical likelihood inference to compare t-year absolute risks, with right censored competing risks data
14:20 Ina Dormuth MultiCASANOVA - when one test is not enough
14:50 Merle Munko MultiFANOVA: Multiple Contrast Tests for Functional Data
15:20 Hidetoshi Murakami Maximum test and adaptive test for the general two-sample alternative
16:20 Dennis Dobler Relative treatment effets in two dependent samples: an alternative to logrank or sign tests
17:10 Masato Kitani Computing the exact distribution of the general signed-rank test statistic
17:40 Break / 20 Minute hybrid Meeting of the Working Group Nonparametric Statistics and Statistics for Stochastic Processes
19:00 Joint Dinner at the Casa Antonio Lopez, Apollinarisberg 1, 53424 Remagen

Day 2 - 06.06.2023

09:00 Katharina Kramer The Nonparametric Toolbox for Diagnostic Studies - One Unified Approach to Analysis for Different Accuracy Measures and Different Study Designs
09:50 Hikaru Yamaguchi The tie-adjusted multi-aspect rank tests for the several-sample problem
10:20 Marléne Baumeister Early and Late Buzzards: Quantile-based multiple Contrast Tests for analysing Heavy-Tailed Animal Data
11:20 Amitava Mukherjee Multivariate Multisample Lepage-type Tests and Their Applications in Medical Multisample Comparisons
12:10 Rupsa Basu Fatigue detection from sequential testing of biomechanical data using martingale theory
12:40 Markus and Markus Closing Words :-)
12:50 Optional joint Lunch at the Mensa

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05.-06. June 2023 in Remagen
Invited Speakers:
• Paul Blanche (Copenhagen)
• Marc Ditzhaus (Magdeburg)
• Frank Konietschke (Berlin)
• Katharina Kramer (Augsburg)
• Amitava Mukherjee (Jamshedpur)

Talk submission and registration:
until May, 19 via mail to Markus Neuhäuser or Markus Pauly. Please add a short informal abstract (about 200 words) to your submission. We are especially looking forward to submissions from young scientists.
Organization: Markus Neuhäuser neuhaeuser(at)rheinahrcampus.de
and Markus Pauly (pauly(at)statistik.tu-dortmund.de)

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