Studierende in der Modellfabrik

Dual study programmes at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences offers 14 dual bachelor's degree programmes. Our three campuses in Koblenz, Remagen and Höhr-Grenzhausen offer dual study programmes in all six faculties. These practice-oriented degree programmes enable students to gain an insight into business, industrial and organisational processes right from the start of their studies, and also make companies more attractive to potential employees.

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In Rhineland-Palatinate, two variations of dual studies are distinguished:

Apprenticeship-integrated study program combines vocational training in a recognized occupation with academic studies. Students in this model earn both a degree from the university (Bachelor's degree) and a professional qualification from the respective chamber.

Practice-integrated degree programs are characterized by longer periods of practical training within a company, and graduates obtain an academic Bachelor's degree upon completion.