Bachelor's degree programme in Social Work

The Study Programme

The Bachelor's degree programme in Social Work teaches the knowledge and skills required for social work professionals. Students acquire the knowledge as well as the practical, social and ethical skills that enable them to provide social services in the area of counselling and support, to stimulate and promote learning and educational processes and to design, implement and evaluate projects. They also acquire the competence to recognise contradictions and the limitations of social work in practice and to take steps to improve people's living conditions. Social work professionals are involved in enabling individuals, groups or social organizations to enter into an active relationship with their environment, to recognise their needs and interests and to exercise their rights. The programme covers the following areas of study:

  • Social Work as a Scientific Discipline
  • Socio-political and Economic Basics
  • Human and Social Science Basics and Transdisciplinary Links
  • Legal and Administrative Framework
  • Basics of Professional Action
  • Managing Diversity
  • Theory-to-Practice Units
  • Project Workshop: Project-related Theories
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Labour Market Qualifications / Professional Fields

The Bachelor's degree programme is generalist in nature, thus providing access to all fields of social work. Different focus areas can be pursued in practical project workshops. Social workers and social educators are employed in public, independent and private organizations.

Admission requirements

University entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or a previous education recognised as equivalent (link to Student Services)


  • Student Services of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences
  • For the winter semester 15.07.
  • For the summer semester 15.01.