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There are 423 colleges and universities in Germany, 211 of which are universities of applied sciences.

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You are unique and have your own personal preferences - we will introduce you to us and Koblenz University of Applied Sciences here and show you what makes us just as special! Maybe there is a 'perfect match'?

On this page you have the opportunity to discover the reasons why we as a university are the right choice for your studies, you can take a virtual tour of our campuses, find out about the region and leisure opportunities and discover a few more of our offers and facilities that will accompany and support you during your studies at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences!

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10 good reasons für Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

Studying at a university of applied sciences offers you a practice-oriented learning experience. Our professors and teaching staff are not just focused on theory, they also have extensive professional experience in their fields. Many of them have run their own companies or had leading roles in prestigious companies. Our staff provide students with the best possible preparation for the demands of professional life and several of them have received awards for their commitment to excellence in teaching. Many of our faculty have shared their expert knowledge in TV and radio interviews. Koblenz University of Applied Sciences fosters a culture of excellent teaching and is characterised by strong ties to business and industry in the region and beyond.

Our students benefit from our strong practice-oriented focus, which gives them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and participate in research projects. Students also establish contacts with potential employers before even before completing their studies. Our students have received multiple awards for their (practical) projects. All our degree programmes include a practical phase, which can be completed in Germany or abroad.

Graduates from Koblenz University of Applied Sciences are in high demand –  many students are recruited by companies even before they complete their studies.

We are a teaching and learning community and we view our diversity as an opportunity and a source of enrichment. We are committed to equal opportunities for women and men, no matter what their ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, health challenges, age or sexual identity. Mutual respect, accountability, openness and transparency are fundamental principles for everything we do.

The international character of our university plays a key role in campus life –  we cooperate with 120 partner universities around the globe. Every semester, many of out students and staff participate in international exchanges and  we also welcome students from all over the world to our campuses. Up to 10,000 students from over 80 countries study at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. One in every ten students has international roots.

Up to 10,000 students study at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. Our three campuses have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with  a range of central meeting places for students: the canteen, cafe and coffee shop in Koblenz and the recreation area, courtyard and students bar in Remagen. There are lounge seating areas all around our campuses providing spaces for students to meet, talk and relax.

We encourage open dialogue between students, professors and teaching staff. The General Student Committee (AStA) organises sports events, parties, festivals, excursions and holidays for students across all faculties providing opportunities for students to connect and make friends beyond their own field of study.

We are committed to ensuring that our students and staff are able to combine studying, working and family life. The university has its own childcare facilities at the RheinMoselCampus in Koblenz and the RheinAhrCampus in Remagen. At Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, we take social and environmental responsibility seriously, as several audits have confirmed.

All six faculties at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences conduct interdisciplinary research in two broad fields: Analytical Imaging and Education, Social Policy and Social Work in the Context of Demographic Change.

We have an excellent track record in social sciences, business and management, and STEM disciplines. Prospective students can choose their ideal course of study from over 70 degree programmes. Study programmes range from traditional undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Social Work and Business Administration to various specialised or integrated degree programmes, such as Sports Management, Logistics and E-Business, Health and Social Economy, Industrial Engineering, Water and Infrastructure Management, Materials Engineering (Glass and Ceramics), Fine Arts (Ceramics and Glass), Technomathematics, Biomathematics, Optics and Laser Technology, Medical Technology and Medical Technology (Sport).

We are constantly expanding the range of programmes offered to meet changing social and professional needs. For more information, take a look at our course finder.

Our degree programme offer students many opportunities to gain experience abroad and widen their horizons. The International Office at Department for Languages and International Affairs at the RheinMoselCampus and the International Office at the RheinAhrCampus are available to assist students and help them realise their dreams of studying or completing an internship abroad. We have partnerships with about 120 universities around the world. Students can choose to study at a university or complete an internship abroad, or they can combine both options. Financial support is available through BAföG funding and various scholarship programmes.

Of course, students who choose to complete their internship semester in Germany still have plenty of opportunities for international exchange through seminars, workshops and interaction with the many international students at our Koblenz, Remagen and Höhr-Grenzhausen campuses.

>Whether you decide to spend one or more semesters abroad, go for a short time or participate in international excursions and projects, its up to you to decide how international you want your studies to be.

Students at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences have plenty of reasons to celebrate. The diversity of opportunities means that there is something for everyone. The General Student Committee (AStA) organises regular sports events, parties, festivals, excursions and travel opportunities for students, which helps to make life on campus a memorable experience. The nightlife on campus and the university's proximity to major cities in the region mean that there is plenty for students to explore. With so many restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars and beer gardens in the beautiful old town districts and along the Rhine and Moselle rivers, as well as lots of great places to experience culture or go shopping, there are no shortage of opportunities for students to unwind and have fun in their free time.

The riverside parks and many green spaces in the sunny Middle Rhine valley are ideal places to take a break from demanding lectures and exams. The stunning scenery in the Rhine and Moselle region offers endless opportunities on land and water for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences has excellent, cutting-edge facilities. The university's eye-catching contemporary architecture houses state-of-the-art technology and facilities: from workshops and laboratories, computer labs and libraries to cafes, canteens, student residences, childcare facilities and leisure centres, not to mention the beach volleyball court.  Come and see for yourself at our three campuses in Koblenz, Remagen and Höhr-Grenzhausen!

Curious to find out more? Here are a few examples of the facilities and labs which enable students  to take part in exciting lectures and projects ...


RheinMoselCampus and WesterWaldCampus

Model factory, model-making workshop, 3D plaster printer, laser cutter, specialist research laboratories for: light, photography, building materials and building research, ecology and water, geotechnics, surveying, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical measurement technology and digital technology, automation technology and robotics, electrical machinery and motors, microcomputing, mechatronics, photonics, photovoltaics, control engineering, software engineering, as well as testing facilities for building facades, and glass and ceramics (approved official test centre for material engineering) 



Biomathematics competence centre, specialist research laboratories for: language, video, image processing, biomechanics, chemistry, biomathematics (CIP), biomedical optics, computed tomography and micro CT, laser microstructures (µ-lab), laser spectroscopy and photonics, magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), materials analysis, radiology, radiation protection and radiochemistry, robotics, optical sensors and measurements (LASOM), medical technology (sport), thermography, multimodal imaging (physics), X-ray (x-lab), X-ray diagnostics and statistics

The canteen serves reasonably priced lunches, and students can borrow books and magazines from the library free of charge. On-campus student residences provide affordable accommodation. The Remagen semester ticket travel pass is valid for free travel in region – from Mainz to Cologne. The General Student Committee (AStA) organises sports activities (free of charge) and low-cost holidays for students across all faculties.

Are you inspired by technology? Are you fascinated by maths and science? Have you always been keen to find out what goes on behind the scenes in big business, small companies, social enterprises or non-profit organisations? Do you love playing with numbers? Do you plan to set up your own business? Are you passionate about social issues and interested in helping people? Is the internet and e-commerce what makes you tick? Do you have artistic talents and want to explore your creativity? Whatever your interests and aims, you are sure to find a programme that appeals to you from the diverse range of courses at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences.

What is more, our students can opt for different ways to study: we offer full-time, part-time (dual) or distance learning study programmes. You can choose the programme that best fits your personal circumstances and enables you to achieve your goals.

Take a look at our course finder or make an appointment with one of our student advisers to help you find the best programme for you..

Koblenz is located in the triangle between Trier, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne/Bonn in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate. The city is ideally situated and easily accessible. With a population of around 110,000, Koblenz is the third largest city in the state. The Remagen campus is right on the border with North Rhine-Westphalia,  within easy reach of Cologne, with its impressive cathedral, and Bonn, the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. The transport connections are excellent – whether you are travelling by train, car or plane.

You will find endless opportunities to explore and have fun along the Rhine and Moselle rivers and in the Ahr Valley. The proximity to several big cities with a wide array of cultural and sporting events, and the breathtaking scenery in the region make our university an appealing place to study.

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