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Civil Engineering Management (B.Sc.)

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

The study programme

The Civil Engineering Management programme consists of 7 semesters and can be started in both summer and winter semesters. It is offered jointly by the Department of Construction - Art - Materials and the Department of Business and Economics. It features an interdisciplinary education with both technical as well as business and economic content.

Study programme objective

The Civil Engineering Management Bachelor's degree programme is designed to provide students with broad basic knowledge. Students learn the theoretical and methodological foundations to be able to work as a business engineer. The programme creates the conditions for students to independently explore both specific applications as well as interdisciplinary contexts as needed. The graduates are predestined for interfaces between engineering and business fields in companies. They primarily work where technical and commercial knowledge meet.

Job market qualification / career prospects

Graduates can be employed in construction management in all types of construction projects. They are particularly well suited for this area, as their education enables them to look at both the structural and the business/legal aspects of a construction site. However, other diverse areas of employment in business are also possible. Civil engineers can be employed in transport companies, construction companies, banks and insurance companies or building authorities, and even in auditing or consulting firms. They can also work in management, controlling or real estate.