Civil Engineering Programme (M.Eng.)

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

The study programme

Civil engineering is concerned with the design, planning, construction and maintenance of structures and infrastructures. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and plays an important role in society, creating the infrastructures and facilities we need in our daily lives, such as buildings, roads, bridges, water and sewage systems, airports and more.

Civil engineers take into account technical, economic, environmental and aesthetic aspects. They work in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of infrastructures, both in offices and on-site at construction sites.

Study programme objective

The Department of Civil Engineering aims to expand its profile to offer a civil engineering education geared specifically towards the professions in this field as well as broad and general application possibilities. The programme is designed to provide students with a sound and practically oriented foundation for their further professional qualification.

Job market qualification / career prospects

The professional profile of Master's graduates is geared towards the tasks in management functions in all areas of the construction industry. This includes senior construction management at construction companies, project management in engineering firms and area or department management in public authorities, as well as the prospect of senior management positions. These roles require in-depth technical knowledge on the one hand, but particularly more planning and conceptual aspects of the various subjects on the other hand. Management skills, business thinking and acting on the international market are also increasingly required.