Teaching at Vocational Schools teacher education programme (B.Ed./M.Ed.)

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

The study programme

The programme’s standard duration is 10 semesters. After six semesters, you will graduate with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and can go on to attend a four-semester consecutive Master's programme to earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree, which allows you to enter the period of practical training. In the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes you will acquire engineering skills of a chosen professional specialisation at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. The subjects and the educational sciences are taught at the University of Koblenz. You will complete several school-based internships at different types of schools during the course of your studies.

The following subjects are available as professional specialisations:<o:p></o:p>

  • Structural engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Wood technology
  • Metal technology

Study programme objective

The engineering teacher education programme “Teaching at Vocational Schools” provides an excellent basis for your professional future. The University of Koblenz and Koblenz University of Applied Sciences have joint forces to develop a science-based and practice-oriented course of study that will qualify you to train skilled workers in industrial and craft sectors.

Job market qualification / career prospects

In view of the high demand for teaching staff in Rhineland-Palatinate, graduates of this programme have good to excellent chances to succeed on the job market, as the number of available positions matches the number of students.

Study programme management and contact

Head of Programme – contact details

Student Advisory Service – contact details

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