The teaching profession at vocational schools General information on the course

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

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The course in engineering pedagogy entitled “The teaching profession at vocational schools” constitutes an excellent basis for your future career. The University and University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz have joined forces to introduce a scientifically based, practice-oriented course which will qualify you to train skilled workers in both industry and trades. The standard duration of the course is 10 semesters. After six semesters you can take the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and then continue for another four semesters, culminating in the academic title Master of Education (M.Ed.), which will qualify you to start as a trainee teacher. You will acquire skills in engineering science in a discipline of your choice during the bachelor and master degree courses at the University of Applied Sciences. Coursework in the chosen subjects and in educational science will be done at the University in Koblenz. During your studies you will do several practical work placements at various types of school.

Work placement

Proof of a 12 week practical work placement within the scope of the professional specialisation has to be provided before the end of the fourth semester. A completed apprenticeship as mason, carpenter, electronics technician, industrial mechanic, etc. is considered to be equivalent. Information about a practical work placement can be obtained from the relevant department at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz.

A prerequisite for starting trainee teaching is a total of 52 weeks of practical experience. 

Career prospects

In view of the high demand for teaching staff in Rhineland-Palatinate, graduates taking this course have a good to excellent chance on the job market, as the number of job opportunities is currently on a par with the number of students.