The Study Programme

The BASA online study programme is designed for practitioners in social work professions who want to upgrade their qualifications.

In addition to providing a broad basic education in the scientific discipline of social work, legal and socio-political basics as well as the human and social science foundations of social work, the programme enables students to specialise in one of the following areas: Children and Adolescents; Rehabilitation; Social Work in the Context of Generations; Education; Delinquency; Diversity; Public Social Administration; Migration and Refugees as well as Sports / Sports Social Work. The study programme features part-time practical units designed to allow for an intensive theory-to-practice transfer.

Admission requirements

•    University entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or previous education recognised as equivalent
•    At least three years of relevant work experience with at least 15 hours per week in the social sector
•    Work in the social sector for at least 15 hours per week during your studies

Additional information

•    RheinMoselCampus
•    Modularised study programme
•    Accredited study programme
•    Part-time studies while working
•    Internet-based, four on-campus weekends per semester

Final examination / examination regulations

•    Legal basis: examination regulations for the Bachelor of Arts Social Work degree programme (BASA online)
•    Module examinations, Bachelor’s thesis, oral examination

Application via the zfh

•    Application / general programme information: or
•    For the winter semester: 01.05. - 15.07.
•    For the summer semester: 01.11. - 15.01.

Access to postgraduate studies

•    Graduates who have successfully completed the degree with 210 ECTS qualify for admission to a Master's degree programme.

Study Programme Objective

The degree programme qualifies students to work in all fields of social work. They will be able to explore and solve scientific issues professionally according to the criteria of scientific work. In addition, students obtain the “State Approval as a Social Worker and Social Educator” in the programme.

Labour Market Qualifications / Professional Fields

Graduates of the study programme have access to challenging professional activities in social work organizations and institutions.
The following fields of activity are accessible after graduation:
Social work with children and adolescents
Social work with families
Social work with immigrants, emigrants, refugees
Social work with people with disabilities
Social work with women, men and queer people
Social work with the elderly
Social Work: profession and education
Social work in emergency housing assistance
Social work with people in conflict with the law
International social work / development work
Social Work: delinquency
Social Work: health
Social work in the community
Social work as educational work


Study programme management

study programme coordination