Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics:

Applied Mathematics:

Mathematics is everywhere. Our Applied Mathematics programme is a modern and practice-oriented degree course that goes beyond basic mathematics to teach the application of modern mathematics in a wide variety of fields. 

The Master's degree programme in Applied Mathematics is generally designed as a consecutive programme to the Bachelor's degree programmes in Business Mathematics, Biomathematics and Technomathematics offered at the RheinAhrCampus. Students can select their modules to earn a Master of Science degree with a specialisation in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Biomathematics or Technomathematics.

Students from other universities and universities of applied sciences who have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in a related field of applied mathematics or mathematics are also welcome.

Division into core area and specialisation area

The important mathematical skills that are necessary for the specialisations are taught in the core area. This includes modules from the fields of statistics, data science, numerics, optimisation, modelling, partial differential equations and machine learning. The Master's programme thus offers an intensive in-depth study of relevant areas of applied mathematics.

In addition, specialised knowledge relevant to the profession for the selected specialisation is taught in the compulsory elective subjects. Students typically pursue advanced studies in one specialisation only. There are focus topics for each specialisation; these are taught in the specialisation modules. The focus areas in the field of Business Mathematics are Risk Management, Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics. In the field of Biomathematics they are Biometrics(Biostatistics) and systems biology. Students can also opt to not pursue a specific specialisation.

Practice-oriented education with lecturers with extensive professional experience
Thanks to the intensive practice-oriented education, our Master's graduates are able to take on demanding tasks in research and development as well as leadership functions in projects and management. They also have the ability to familiarize themselves with new mathematical topics on their own and carry out independent scientific work.

Our Master’s programme emphasises practical experience, just like our Bachelor's programmes: Students explore the latest research topics by themselves in research projects in the various specialisations and complete a Master's thesis in cooperation with companies or research institutes. This provides them with an optimal preparation for day-to-day professional life. Regular courses are offered by lecturers who work in the field, providing students with the direct opportunity to establish valuable contacts.


studies facts
Degree Master of Science
Duration 4 Semesters
Begin SS/WS
Organization Postgraduate Studies
Entry requirements :
Successful degree in natural sciences or applied mathematics/computer science with an overall grade of at least 2.5