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Study Management, Leadership, Innovation

A Master's degree for the future: Management, Leadership, Innovation

Do you want to initiate innovation processes, motivate your team to be more creative, go through development processes, devise agile working concepts and promote a direct and creative collaboration with customers? Or would you rather build your own brand, your own start-up?

Our interdisciplinary Master's programme "Management, Leadership, Innovation (MLI)" is designed for graduates of Bachelor's programmes who have international experience and an interest in the topics of innovation management, technology management, business management and entrepreneurship. It should be expressly noted that graduates of non-business programmes who wish to acquire business administration know-how are also eligible.

As an undergraduate Business Administration programme, "Management, Leadership, Innovation" addresses the increasing importance of innovations in intercultural and digital contexts and facilitates innovation-led competence building for interdisciplinary fields of action in a state of change.


Professions with a degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

The Master's programme Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship provides you with a wide range of career and development opportunities. The MLI study programme offers you the chance to start up and work on your own business while still studying. After graduating, you will also have the relevant know-how to develop your own start-up further, become a first-hour employee in another start-up or work in innovation management in a forward-looking company with an international orientation. You can also pursue a research-oriented career path, or work in a research institute, at universities and universities of applied sciences or other research facilities.

4 reasons to study Management, Leadership, Innovation

  1. An in-depth Business Administration programme with a practical and international orientation
  2. Learn the basics of business administration along with work techniques that drive innovation as a key qualification for managing technologies and innovations
  3. A Master's degree to kick-start your career in business, academia, or senior civil service
  4. From the lecture hall to your own start-up: Structures that facilitate starting up your own business thanks to the low number of students, s(t)imulated start-up and product development projects, start-up consulting as well as contact with funding programmes