Ethics Committee

Committee for the upholding of ethical principles

Scientific work and research must meet high ethical standards. To ensure this, the Ethics Committee of Koblenz University was established. It specifically ensures that research projects particularly involving studies on humans or samples taken from humans, or research involving sensitive personal data of test subjects, are ethically permissible.

In addition, the Ethics Committee may also act in an advisory capacity in other cases.

Members of the Ethics Committee

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hesse (Chairman, recipient of applications)
Jonas Borsch (student member, Deputy Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Bundschuh
Prof. Dr. Heiko Neeb
Prof. Dr. Robert Pandorf
Prof. Jo Ruoff
Prof. Dr. Olaf Winkelhake
Eva-Maria Seifert

Review of research projects

Researchers who are not sure whether their project needs to be reviewed by the Ethics Committee can use the Positive List to check before submitting an application to find out whether a review is required. In cases of doubt, they can contact the Committee for advise.

If the review concludes that an application is required, the Guideline for Applications to the Ethics Committee provides guidance on the information to be provided to them. Applications must be submitted by email at least 7 days before the Ethics Committee meeting.

2023 meeting dates: