Research Focus Areas

The scientists at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences conduct research in many different fields, and some of them have joined forces in structures such as centres of excellence, research institutes or research groups. You can find a complete overview of the research competences of the professors as well as completed and current research projects on the research portal SciPort RLP.

Over the last few years, three research areas have emerged in which the colleagues complement each other particularly well in their expertise, and an intensive cooperation has developed. Numerous successful research projects have been carried out here with the support of both public and private sponsors, which has led to a considerable increase in the volume of third-party funding. The interdisciplinary research groups "Analytical Imaging",  "Education, Social Policy and Social Work in the Context of Demographic Change"  and "Data-driven Systems" cover topics in the natural sciences and technology as well as in the social sciences, having established themselves as research focus areas of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in line with the criteria of the German Rectors’ Conference HRK.

The research landscape at Koblenz University is and will remain diverse and dynamic. Thus, the research focus areas will have to keep evolving in the medium term with regard to their content and staffing, as new focus areas will emerge, and others may lose importance. These dynamics are necessary in order to be able to take up new research areas in the future and be attractive for companies, students and future professors.

In the meantime, future topics have been elicited on which intensive research and teaching activities will take place in the coming years (see Koblenz University of Applied Sciences topic matrix).