Childhood and Social Sciences M.A. (MAKS)

The Study Programme

The Internet-based, part-time distance learning programme Childhood and Social Sciences M.A. (MAKS) is aimed at graduates with a first university degree, but also at other candidates who have professional qualifications and can be admitted to the Master's program via an aptitude test.
The standard duration of studies for the continuing education Master's degree programme is four semesters. This is an Internet-based distance learning programme with a workload equivalent to 90 ECTS. The study programme is designed so that students can keep working, as they attend the on-campus dates at the university on weekends and find support in the online teaching when they study on their own. In addition to general basic modules, the programme offers various specialisations to choose from in the second and third semesters according to your own preferences:

  1. Management and Consulting
  2. Child Protection and Diagnostics
  3. Exercise and Health
  4. Trauma Pedagogy
  5. Daycare Centre Social Work
  6. Educational Counselling (in cooperation with Kiel University of Applied Sciences)

Study Programme Objectives

Students earn the academic title “Master of Arts” in four semesters. During this time, the continuing education Master's programme provides them with a comprehensive, specialised childhood studies and social science qualification. Students have the opportunity to deepen previously acquired professional skills at a Master's level and thus qualify for demanding professional activities in management, planning and/or research roles. The Master's degree programme qualifies graduates for senior positions in the field of childhood studies. In addition, a Master's degree always entitles graduates to pursue a doctoral degree.

Labour Market Qualifications / Career Prospects

The Master's degree qualifies students to work in management, planning and/or research roles and for in-depth methodological action and research in the fields of childhood and social work. This includes, for example, work in relevant child and youth care facilities as well as in research institutions in the education, cultural and health sectors. Another field of work is in administrative bodies and institutions on a local, state and federal level, particularly including independent and public organizations such as youth welfare offices, with further opportunities to be found in the commercial sector.

Certificate Course in Daycare Centre Social Work

Do you work in the daycare centre social space or are you planning to take up such a position and would like to qualify for the range of tasks this involves?
We offer a part-time “Specialist for Daycare Centre Social Work” certificate course. This will give you the opportunity to reflect on, deepen and further develop the professional skills you have acquired to date and to qualify to work in the social space of daycare centres.
The certificate course comprises 8 modules and is linked to the continuing education programme in Childhood Studies and Social Sciences. You have the opportunity to have the certificate “Specialist for Daycare Centre Social Work” recognised in the continuing education MAKS Master's degree programme.