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Sports Medicine Technology:

What is Sports Medicine Technology? An engineering programme!

Who doesn't know the big football teams like BVB or FC Bayern Munich?  Sports clubs, be it football or other sports such as basketball, climbing or cycling, aim for the greatest possible success while trying to avoid injuries and increase the performance of their athletes. To do this, they rely on the latest technologies. Sports equipment and materials are developing at a rapid rate, as is the digitalisation of the world of sports, life and work. The Sports Medicine Technology programme is perfect for anyone who is passionate about engineering and science and interested in their applications in the field of sports. Graduates of the Sports Medicine Technology programme work in health, fitness, rehabilitation and prevention – all highly relevant fields for society.

Sports Medicine Technology- technology for a long and healthy life

Extensive technology is used today to optimise athletic performance while preventing damage. Be it by recording motion sequences using different sensors or through computer-supported training and game planning. No performance centre can do without technical know-how nowadays. But the techniques, algorithms and procedures find their application not only in the field of sports. Knowledge of anatomy, the biomechanics of the human body and metrological procedures also help to design ergonomic workplaces or examine the value of rehabilitation procedures. Whether gait analysis using optical methods or force and pressure plates, recording muscle activity through EMG or studying multisensory integration using EEG: the modern Sports Medicine Technology programme offers a deep insight into the world of biomechanics, sensors and algorithms.

Thanks to the limited number of students, there is a close cooperation between students, doctoral candidates and the professors at the RheinAhrCampus. This family-like environment allows for intensive insights into research and personalised studies with excellent future prospects.

Content of the Sports Medicine Technology programme

Sports Medicine Technology is a technical programme that belongs to the engineering studies. In the stage 1 studies, students learn the scientific, mathematical and technological basics. They then expand their skills the fields of sports and measurement technology. The studies cover topics such as the development of sports equipment and sports shoes or ergonomics in the workplace. A special feature of the programme is the practical work in our various laboratories (biomechanics, psychophysiology and the high-density EEG laboratory). Many students already work on research projects during their studies, establishing contacts with companies and cooperation partners at an early stage.

studies facts
Degree Bachelor of Science
Duration 6 Semesters
Begin SS/WS
Organization Academic Studies
Postgraduate master's degree

Head of Programme