Master of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Experience. Fundamental. Theory.

Did you complete a practice-oriented Bachelor's degree and want to expand your knowledge in the basics. You will expand your theoretical knowledge and acquire skills that provide you with a comprehensive understanding of physical technical processes. Numerical examinations, simulations and automation make up a large part of the Master's programme in Mechanical Engineering.


In addition to the in-depth theoretical education, which will also increase your skills in the field of application-oriented mathematics, you will learn methods of modelling to help you develop products better and faster. You will be able to optimise the costs or resource consumption of processes and understand physical effects in a way that makes them usable for technical purposes. An important focus of activity here can be research and development, where both options are open to you: industry or universities. You will also be well prepared for technical management positions.

Special focus areas of the programme

  • Understanding the theory behind physical effects
  • Developing ideas for value creation
  • Optimising processes, machines and plants
  • Energy management and energy systems
  • Planning skills
  • Interdisciplinary thinking and acting

Career prospects

  • Product development
  • Process automation / automation technology
  • Smart products / smart production
  • Automotive engineering, also electromobility
  • Research and development, in an industrial or university environment
  • Qualification for doctoral programme and scientific work
  • Technical management

Further support / our advantages for you

  • The university will also help you with practical aspects in your daily work during your studies. If you need advice on organising semesters abroad, internships, or starting your career or if you would like to get in touch with your professors, we are at your side.
  • With an engineering degree, the world is your oyster. In a country where prosperity is predominantly generated through engineering, we offer you access to this attractive and lucrative field of work.
  • The department supports you in taking up a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the world. Modules completed there will then be recognised for your studies with us.
  • If you want to start up your own business after graduation, the university will support you vigorously with advice and infrastructure.
  • With us you are in direct contact with your professors as we often teach in small classes.
  • Many of our final theses are written in industry, so you will already be in contact with your future employer during your studies.
  • The probability that you will be taken on by the company after your thesis is very high, even without an additional application.
  • High acceptance of graduates in the industry due to the practice-oriented education, which facilitates a very fast job entry.
  • We also offer Master’s degrees for all fields of study. After seven semesters, you can enter the profession or work in research, and you will also be eligible for a doctoral programme.