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Innovation through mathematics: mathematics studies & technology

Study Technomathematics:

an option for those who enjoy mathematics and are interested in technological contexts and applications. Technomathematics is also called Engineering Mathematics and plays an increasingly important role both in professional as well as everyday life. Technological innovations are unthinkable without mathematics and computer science. From operational optimisation issues and simulation models to product development and inventions: Mathematical concepts and computer simulations are everywhere. In addition to the mathematical basics, you can take technical subjects in the Technomathematics programme, such as image processing, digital technology, medical technology or robotics.

Applying mathematical methods to technical problems is a very exciting and wide-ranging subject area that is constantly evolving. In addition to classical methods of statistics, stochastics, optimisation or numerics, machine learning methods and artificial intelligence play an increasingly important role.

Our everyday life is shaped by technology and every technological development is shaped by mathematics. Technomathematics is used wherever engineers work on complex topics. But what is technomathematics knowledge needed for in product development? The development, production and testing of prototypes of new products and technologies can be very costly and time-consuming. Knowing the features and the process of a product before a prototype is even created is a hugely important factor in development. Technical mathematics can be used to analyse products or systems and then simulate them on the computer. To create this simulation, the physics of the problem first has to be converted into a mathematical model. Modelling, simulation and the visualisation of the results are among the tasks of Technomathematics. If you would like to see more examples of Technomathematics applications, take a look here.

Content of the Technomathematics programme

Technomathematics is a modern mathematics programme that builds on applied mathematics with an additional focus on technology and the natural sciences. In the TechnomathematicsBachelor's programme, you will study mathematics, engineering, physics and computer science, while learning to solve technical and physical problems using mathematical models and software simulations. In your undergraduate studies, you will acquire the basic mathematical and statistical skills that can be used to solve technological problems. As the practical application is done on the computer, you will also learn programming and software skills. In addition to topics such as scientific computing or applied sciences, the study programme increasingly also covers machine learning,data science and big data in businesses.

studies facts
Degree Bachelor of Science
Duration 6 Semesters
Begin SS/WS
Organization Academic Studies
Postgraduate master's degree

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