Certificate "Intercultural Competence"

The world is becoming more and more international, and this is evident in all areas of life: your fellow student is from China, your girlfriend is spanish, your lecturer is from America.

During internships, English is often spoken with business partners and your future colleagues will come from all over the world. Even in the most rural regions, you will need intercultural skills in a professional context.


How can you prepare for this and make your own competences visible to your future employer?

As of now, you have the opportunity to further your education by acquiring intercultural key competences in addition to your studies.

Components of the certificate are activities in the international field: stays abroad, participation in language courses, intercultural training, involvement in the integration of fellow students from abroad, etc.

Structure of the certificate

For the certificate, activities in three of the building blocks totalling at least 100 certificate points (ZP) have to be proven.

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