B. Sc. Marketing and International Business Application and admission

Entry requirements

•    general qualification for university entrance, subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification or entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences

•    at least 12 weeks of relevant practical experience (documentary evidence of relevant experience must be provided no later than at the end of the third semester to Ms Stephanie May )

Further entry requirements (foreign language proficiency)

Outstanding English language skills are an essential requirement for successful completion of Marketing and International Business degree programme.


In line with the regulations pertaining to the compulsory stay abroad, the partner university as a rule requires documentary evidence of English language proficiency. A minimum level of proficiency equivalent to level B2“ of the Common European Framework for Languages is required.


The certificates listed here are recognised as evidence of language proficiency. The TOEFL - Test (TOEFL.ITP) offered by the Faculty of Business & Management at the start of every semester is generally recognised as proof of language proficiency (number of test points required to reach level B2: 543). 

It is recommended that prospective students take part in this test.

The language certificate should be presented to Ms Stephanie May before any other application documents for the stay abroad is handed in (before 15 April or 15 October) .

Important: No applications for enrolment on the compulsory stay abroad module will be processed without the relevant language certificate or documentary evidence of language proficiency.

Deadlines for registration

15.07. for admission in the winter semester

15.01. for admission in the summer semester



Online application

Applicants for later semesters can only be enrolled on programmes if sufficient places are available.

If you have any queries about application to, and enrolment on programmes, please contact Student Services.