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M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management

The Industrial Engineering and Management master's degree programme ist taught jointly by the Faculties of Business & Management and Civil Engineering or Industrial Engineering. Students acquire both business management and engineering skills ensuring that they are well prepared for professions in interdisciplinary fields of buiness.

The industrial Engineering and Management master's degree programme enables students to expand their knowledge in this field and develop expertise in their chosen engineering specialisation (Construction or Technology). The programme also includes advanced courses in management techniques. Students gain the skills to further develop the competences they have acquired during their studies and to apply them effectively when analysing and resolving problems, both in a research context and in business practice.

Career prospects
Graduates from this master's programme deepen the knowledge acquired during their bachelor's studies. Their professional profile makes them suited to leadership roles in all areas of business. In addition, master's graduates have the opportunity to pursue a doctorate and are eligible to apply for senior civil service positions.

Degree programme overview

•    Modular degree programme

•    Start in the winter or summer semester (admission restricted programme)

•    3 semesters, 90 credit points (ECTS)


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management


Study Plan PO 2019

Any questions? 

If you have any questions about applications and admissions, please contact Student Services on 0261-9528-500,
E-mail: stud-service.
Location: RheinMoselCampus, Koblenz Engineering (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology), Business & Management and Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

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