B.Sc. Business Administration für Betriebswirte (VWA) Course content

A post graduate vocational course of study spread over 3 semesters including attendance on 20 Saturdays and 38 week days.

: In semester 1 the mathematics lectures take place on Saturdays. Days of required attendance and online phases alternate. In semester 2 lectures in business administration are planned (see specialisation modules). In semester 3 the course Management and subsequent examination is held on six mornings, Tuesdays 8.15-13.15.


  • Specialisation modules: In semesters 1 and 2 students select two specialisations in total from the specialisation module catalogue (Corporate Taxation, Auditing, Procurement, Logistics/OR, Production Management, Finance, HRM, Marketing etc.). To participate in these modules during the working week it will be necessary to obtain leave from the relevant employer.

  • Degree/Qualification: The Saturday lectures deliver a grounding in how to do academic work. Students gain a knowledge of academic research methods such as finding a research project, literature research and referencing etc.

The degree programme is completed with a bachelor thesis on a theme from the field of business management.  The permitted time for the completion of the bachelor thesis is 9 weeks.  In a 30-page thesis the candidate must demonstrate that he/she can individually deal with and analyse academic issues.

Practice: A one-week block course in Project Management in the first half of March 2017. A subsequent practical project phase in a team followed by the completion of a project report and presentation.

Knowledge transfer phase: This is where the transition to day-to-day working takes place. The student        prepares a practical experience report which deals with and delivers answers to issues in management .