Civil engineering

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

The study programme

The traces of civil engineers who calculate, design and build are everywhere.  Civil engineers build buildings, traffic routes, dikes and dams for everyone to see. But they also work in areas that are not visible to everyone, for instance our supply and disposal systems.  But their contribution is also needed in other fields, such as project development, financing and real estate.

Study programme objective

The Bachelor’s programme consists of 7 semesters and can be started in both summer and winter semesters. The Department of Civil Engineering would like to expand its profile to offer a civil engineering education specifically geared towards the professions in this fields as well as broad and general application possibilities. The programme aims to provide students with a sound and practically oriented foundation for their further professional qualification.

Job market qualification / career prospects

Due to the broad education in the Bachelor's programme, graduates can be employed in all areas of civil engineering. The job profile is aligned with the tasks of a construction manager on the one hand, while also covering the functions of specialists in engineering offices or authorities on the other hand.