Bachelor degree course in civil engineering Civil engineering

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

General information on the civil engineering course

Wherever we turn, we see traces of the calculations, designs and structures of civil engineering. Civil engineers construct buildings, roads, dykes and dams under our very eyes. They are involved in projects of a less conspicuous nature too, such as public utility services and waste disposal systems. The need for their expertise goes even beyond these tasks, incorporating the fields of project development, financial aspects and real estate issues.

Preview of the course

The bachelor course starts either in the summer or the winter semester and lasts 7 semesters in all. The Department of Civil Engineering is intent on developing its career-focused, broad-based and universally applicable civil engineering education. The aim is to provide the students with a solid, hands-on basis for starting their career and for continuing with further qualifications.

Academic objective

Students will graduate with the academic title “Bachelor of Engineering”.

Career prospects

Thanks to the broad-based education they have undergone, graduates of the bachelor programme will find employment in any of the civil engineering disciplines. While the course encompasses all the responsibilities of a site manager, it also covers the role of construction coordinator in engineering companies or government departments.