Study & enjoy life

The RheinAhrCampus offers students no end of opportunities to eat, drink and enjoy life. The canteen, coffee lounge and attractive outdoor recreation space provide plenty of places to hang out, enjoy excellent coffee and choose from several culinary options. At the RheinAhrCampus, there great places to exercise at the brand new callisthenics park, basketball court and table tennis table. The recently planted avenue of trees, green classroom and open-air lounge also offer students opportunities to relax outdoors between lectures.

Every year, there are festivals and markets along the Rhine. The spectacular Rhine in Flamesfirework display and the many wine festivals and fairs, with their enchanting atmosphere and delicious food and drink, attract visitors from near and far.

The fact that several leading chefs have chosen to settle in the Rhine and Ahr region confirms its reputation for excellent food and drink. The many indoor and outdoor eateries along the newly developed Rhine promenade in Remagen are also popular with students. And of course, you can always drop in for a refreshing drink at the BaRACke student bar.

There are many places to enjoy your free time in and around Remagen, as well as in the nearby cities of Koblenz, Bonn and Cologne. There is so much to explore: the restaurants, cafes and shops in the beautiful old town districts, the many parks and beer gardens along the Rhine, not to mention the nightclubs, theatres, concert halls, cinemas and museums. There is something for everyone.