What can I study at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences?

You want to study, but you're not sure what?

You want to study, but you're not sure what? The question of which degree program suits you is usually the most difficult part of the decision-making process, because after all, you are laying the foundation for your future career, and who wouldn't want to say that they like their work and are happy with their career choice?

Your interests, skills and wishes naturally play the biggest role in your (initial) considerations. What personal skills do you already have and what are you simply good at? What do you also enjoy? Do you want to pursue a career that fulfills you personally and get involved socially? Would you like to work with your hands, in a laboratory, workshop or in nature? Do you have your sights set on managing a large international company - or even your own business?

There is the right course of study and the right career for you, and we will try to help you on your way! On this page, you will find information on research options to give you inspiration and guidance in exploring your skills and preferences. Of course, you will also find our full range of courses - including some explanations of different study formats - and insights into our six departments and individual degree programs. Click through the videos; here, professors, staff and former and current students talk about how the degree program works and what career opportunities it has opened up for them.

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