Places of interest

In Remagen gibt es viele touristische Highlights zu sehen. Hier eine kleine Auswahl:

The completely redesigned Rhine promenade has made Remagen even more attractive. Since then, pedestrians have been strolling along a five-metre wide strip of riverbank and using the numerous seating options to enjoy the beautiful view of the Siebengebirge and the Erpeler Ley. The centre of the new Rhine promenade is Caracciola Square, which has a total diameter of 60 metres and whose new "balcony" projects up to 7 metres into the Rhine. Traffic-calmed, tree-lined paths for cyclists and pedestrians and a wide range of outdoor restaurants make the Rhine promenade so popular.

The bridge, destroyed in 1945, made Remagen famous worldwide when American troops were able to cross the Rhine here unexpectedly, bringing the end of the Second World War within reach.

Remagen has some of the most important museums to offer, such as the Peace Museum, which has been awarded 5 stars, and the ARP Museum in Rolandseck. A few metres further on, the Museum Mile in Bonn attracts visitors with the German Museum, the House of History, the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Bonn Art Museum or the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig.

Numerous picturesque castles and palaces line the region along the Rhine and make it an ancient cultural landscape. For example, the castles of Adenbach, Rheineck, Hammerstein, Gudenau, Adendorf, Olbrück, Are, the ruins of Godesburg as well as the castles of Sinzig, Arenfels, Marienfels, Ahrental, Rennenberg, Vettelhoven or the beautiful Drachenburg, to name just a few examples.

The Apollinaris Church is located above the town of Remagen on a hill that is now called Apollinarisberg. Christian graves from Roman times were discovered at the foot of the hill in 1892.

There are also countless sights in Koblenz, the neighbouring federal city Bonn and nearby Cologne.

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