Why is studying the right thing for me?

...you can only decide that for yourself.

You've probably been thinking about your career and study choice for some time, and perhaps you've already done some research?

We know that such a decision should be well thought out and we will try to support you as best we can, guide you through your decision-making process and present you with the advantages of studying at a university.

When researching, do you often come across terms that you have heard before but don't really know what they mean? Here you will also find some explanations of terms from the world of higher education.

Inform yourself well and the next time someone asks you whether studying is the right thing for you, you are guaranteed to know the answer!

Advantages of studying (at a university of applied sciences):

  • A unique experience

    Student life is a very special stage of life; in addition to learning, it also offers the opportunity to make new friends or discover new hobbies and interests.
  • Network development

    Studying offers opportunities to make valuable contacts with fellow students, professors and other people.
  • Do what you like the most

    During your studies, you can get to grips with your favorite areas in depth
  • Es muss nicht lange dauern

    In general, a degree course is just as long as an apprenticeship.
  • Experience more!

    You can gain experience abroad in a wide variety of countries, e.g. by spending a semester abroad, learning or improving another language and experiencing a new culture.
  • Income potential

    In many cases, a university degree leads to higher earning potential over the course of a career.
  • Career opportunities

    A university degree often opens up better career opportunities and enables access to certain professions that are more difficult to achieve without a degree.
  • Develop yourself outside of (higher) education!

    You can do other new things at a university in your free time, such as learning languages, getting involved in university politics and taking part in university sports.
  • Make the most of your freedom

    Studying allows you to learn independently without external pressure and you can organize your everyday life yourself.
  • Practical focus

    Practical career insights are also possible during the course.
  • Personal development

    Studying promotes personal development, improves critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.