Hydrology and Water Resources Management (B.Sc.)

The study programme

The water sector is of fundamental importance for society, both on an ecological as well as an economical level. The programme teaches the basics in the natural sciences and engineering in a practice-oriented manner for all relevant areas of hydrology and water management. This provides students with a broad knowledge of the fundamentals of science and engineering in these fields.

Interested candidates should have an affinity for the natural sciences as well as a desire to help address challenges through engineering solutions.

The cooperative Bachelor's degree programme in Hydrology and Water Management is a joint programme of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, the University of Koblenz and the Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG), which makes it unique in all of Germany.

Study programme objective

Students are educated with a view to the current and upcoming challenges facing water as a resource, as well as the demands of the job market. They can thus contribute to current water management challenges such as flash floods, flood prevention or low water periods. The objective of the Bachelor's degree programme "Hydrology and Water Management" is to train students to become responsible experts in the "water" sector.

Job market qualification / career prospects

The programme leads to a first professional degree. It enables graduates to start their careers directly with engineering firms, utilities companies and associations or with the relevant authorities in the water sector. In addition, it opens up access to the consecutive Master's programme "Hydrology and Water Management", which is offered by the University of Koblenz in cooperation with Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and the Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG).

Study programme management and contact

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