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Delecta noctem – Seize the day and embrace the night

Delecta noctem – Seize the day and embrace the night

Students in Koblenz have a great deal to celebrate. The huge range of opportunities means that there is something for everyone. The General Student Committee (AStA) organises regular sports events, parties and festivals, which help to make life on campus a rewarding and memorable experience.

The Farbrausch festival of colour, which first started on our university campus, is a spectacular highlight – an explosion of colour and pulsating beats, as coloured powder flies through the air and thousands of students dance and celebrate a world full of variety and beauty.

Students can unwind and socialise after a busy day at university at one of Koblenz's many clubs, discos, bars or pubs. Many venues have special low-cost student nights, so you can dance the night away, meet new people and have fun even on a budget.


Some discos & clubs:

  • Palais
    Student party every Thursday
  • Circus Maximus
    Whether concerts, parties, readings, dance events, poetry slams, lectures, film screenings or regulars' tables... There's always something going on at the Circus Maximus.
  • Agostea Nachtarena
    Modern Club Lounge and Knights' Hall
  • Zenit Club & Bar
    Every Tuesday "Tuesday Students Lounge
    Every Thursday "NERDS² = Student Party" - the biggest student party in Koblenz takes place on 2 floors. By students - for students.
  • Unter Tage / Über Tage
    Club and Open Air Location

Great bars & pubs: