Study & enjoy life

Carpe diem – Seize the day

During your studies in Koblenz, you will inevitably spend many hours learning in lecture theatres and libraries. But there are still plenty of opportunities to relax and have fun as you get to know your (new) home city and experience new things. You will not only develop your academic skills during your studies, but also grow as an individual.

Koblenz has plenty to offer in the way of culture: there are many museums, theatres, music venues and cinemas, as well as the Kulturfabrik and numerous arts events. There is also no shortage of places to explore in the city. For sports fans, there is Blade Nights, the Middle Rhine Marathon and many other sports activities on land and water. There are also lots of places to shop in the old town, as well as the Mädchenflohmarkt flea market and the Löhr Centre and Forum Mittelrhein shopping malls. The Koblenz Summer Festival, with its spectacular Rhine in Flames firework display, or a day at the Stattstrand beach bar on the Moselle are sure to make your heart beat faster.

Koblenz is a city with an international flair and a varied choice places to eat. From Mexican and Italian cuisine to Japanese sushi bars and Indian tandoori restaurants, and perhaps the world's best ice cream – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Some delicious bars & cafés:

Some delicious restaurants: