Departments at Remagen

Business, social science, mathematics and technology - because our degree programs come from many different subject areas, we have divided them into two departments. Depending on the thematic focus, teaching, learning and research are carried out here.

In the Department of Mathematics and Technology, courses are taught for those who are passionate about engineering and the natural sciences and are interested in their applications in the fields of medicine, sports and optics. Also, for those who like to apply mathematics to real-world problems and use it to solve tangible challenges of our time, many courses in the Department of Mathematics and Technology are just right. Those who want to focus on the design, development and programming of complex software architectures and applications, as well as on project management in the IT field, will also find suitable courses in the department.

The Department of Business, Economics and Social Sciences offers degree programs that combine business administration content with industry-specific knowledge. Future industries and sectors such as logistics, online trade, sports, clubs and health care are taught in the individual majors. Innovative thinking and practical experience are also always at the forefront and are taught in dual and undergraduate degree programs. In addition to technical knowledge, particular attention is paid to the teaching of methodological knowledge and social, intercultural and language skills.