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The study programmes offered in the Department of Mathematics and Technology are a response to the new demands in the area industry and business. They not only prepare students for traditional professions such as electrical engineering, but also particularly qualify students for modern, future-oriented occupations at the interfaces of one or more traditional fields of work.

The up-to-date content is taught in technical and mathematical study programmes, all of which lead to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree. Building on these Bachelor's programmes, various specialisations can be pursued in the more advanced Master's programmes. The Master's programmes conclude with the Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree and open access to senior civil service. They thus offer a university level degree, but with a pronounced practical orientation ensured by the integration of cooperative projects with companies. Both the practice-integrated as well as the undergraduate programme "Software Engineering" lead to the degree Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) after 8 semesters, with the accreditation obtained being evidence of the quality of all study programmes.

The department also strives to establish partnerships with foreign universities that enable students to gain initial experience abroad during their studies. For example, there are already collaborations in place with the German-Chinese Faculty of QUST in Qingdao, China and the German-Jordanian University in Amman.

The programmes’ strong application orientation, modern course content and international focus ensure that students are recruited by companies even before they graduate.


study coursedegree
Biomathematics / Academic Studies Bachelor of Science
Business Mathematics / Academic Studies Bachelor of Science
Medical Engineering / Academic Studies Bachelor of Science
Software Engineering / Academic Studies Bachelor of Engineering
Software Engineering (dual) / Dual Study Bachelor of Engineering
Sports Medical Engineering / Academic Studies Bachelor of Science
Technomathematics / Academic Studies Bachelor of Science
Wirtschaftsmathematik Dual / Dual Study Bachelor of Science


study coursedegree
Applied Mathematics / Postgraduate Studies Master of Science
Applied Physics / Postgraduate Studies Master of Science


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